Saturday, June 30, 2012

Indy Art Lab's First Week

We completed our first week of choice based art learning activities at Haughville Park with the children of Ms. Francetta Peterson's Summer Supervised Play Learning Camp. We had a blast! 
We had all kinds of learning activities going on at Haughville Park! First their are the 2-D artists: illustrators, designers and painters, experimental drawing artists, geometric radial design artists, splatter painters, landscape artists, abstractionists, poets and story writers. Then we had the 3-D artists: block builders, marble run builders, puppet makers, jewelry makers, costume designers and pinata engineers. Then we had performers! We had all kinds of performers! Dancers, singers, rappers, Michael Jackson impersonators, percussionists and actors who specialized in melodramatic themes!! 

All learning at Indy Art Lab is consensual, self directed or facilitated by me or one of our official camp volunteers. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank enough, Rhianna, Ferrell, Troy and Wendy for all their help, patience and gentle care with the campers. 

I cannot thank Ms. Francetta Peterson enough for inviting me to the camp. We had a wonderful time.
Next up: Stringtown Park on July 3rd at 9:00 AM.

Poetry writing.

Experimental painters.

Puppet making center.

Tacky glue is useful for creating stick puppets.

Mixed media puppet art.

Making a puppet talk takes practice.

Geometric abstract paintings...

Setting up a painting station.

Working with felt is cool.

Puppet show!

Engineering and building a good pinata is hard work!

Decorating the pinata is the easy part.

Busting the pinata is the best part!

Everybody got to hit the pinata at least 20 times!!!!!

It still wouldn't break!

Let's hit it again!

And again!

One more time!!

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